Precautions for the installation of solar batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
Precautions for the installation of solar batteries:    1) The installer (or engineering team) receives the installation task instruction, and prepares relevant materials (such as battery installation of various manufacturers, record tables, etc.) and a full set of installation tools (including multimeters, etc.), and implement Project start date and project progress, etc.  2) The installer (or engineering team) should bring a small amount of system spare parts (such as screws, etc.) to the installation site, obtain a detailed installation project schedule, and discuss project details (such as installation methods, load-bearing conditions, etc.).  3) Before starting the installation project, the installer (or engineering team) should be organized to conduct training, introduce the precautions during the installation process, battery usage and maintenance precautions, and pay attention to safety during the installation process. 4) The installer (or engineering team) conducts the unpacking inspection of the battery and the inventory of the accessories. The packing list should be signed and taken back by the supervisor. The battery installation system diagram, installation manual and other documents in the accessory box should be received, and the installation project is pending After the end, it will be kept by the technical staff of the communication company. 5) In accordance with the construction drawings, check whether the battery is placed in the equipment room reasonably, whether it has reserved maintenance space, whether it is kept at a distance of more than 0.5 meters from the heat source and the place that may generate sparks (such as fuse box, etc.), and whether it is placed Under the air conditioner, if it does not meet the requirements, you should first ask the engineering department of the communications company whether to modify it, and there must be a memorandum for the modification. 6) The system diagram of unpacking the battery should be installed strictly in accordance with the battery system diagram. The installation of any missing system components (including the pasting of battery cell numbers) is not allowed. All system components (spare parts) should be installed in accordance with the installation diagram The specified models and specifications are exactly the same.  7) Installation. Since the battery is already charged, care must be taken to prevent short circuits. All installation tools must be wrapped with insulating tape.   8) Before installing the connecting strip, wipe off the dust on the battery pole, shell and steel frame with a clean linen cloth, especially to ensure that the dust on the pole is wiped clean. The unit number must be attached firmly.  9) After installation, check whether all screws are tightened one by one. A special person should be appointed for inspection, and a special person is responsible to ensure that all screws are in tightened state.  10) After the installation inspection is over, measure and record the open circuit voltage of all battery cells and the total voltage of the battery pack, and fill in the installation statistics table (or other similar installation tables).  11) If there is no mains connection after installation, disconnect the battery, switching power supply and microwave equipment. If the connection between the device and the battery cannot be disconnected for some reason (in principle, it is not allowed, especially for a long time connection is not allowed), both sets of batteries should be connected at the same time, and only one set of batteries is not allowed. At the same time, record the start time of the connection and the power consumption current of the device, and make a record. Regardless of whether this connection has been made, the battery pack must be recharged before it is officially opened. The time for recharging is that the cell voltage is 2.35V/piece, and it is charged for 12 hours. Otherwise, it will bring great harm to the normal use of the battery in the future.  12) Before connecting the battery to the switching power supply, carefully check whether the setting of the switching power supply is correct (refer to the switching power supply setting parameter table) to ensure that the setting is correct.  13) After installation and commissioning, fill in the relevant forms as required, check the appearance of the battery and record it, and check whether each connection screw is tightened to ensure that the battery is shock-proof, non-slip and reliable in connection between the batteries. Measure and record the float voltage of each single battery, and ask the technician of the communication company to sign and approve.
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