Precautions for battery installation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

Precautions for battery installation:

1. The battery should be away from heat sources and places prone to sparks, and its safety distance should be greater than 1 meter.

2. The battery should be protected from direct sunlight and should not be placed in an environment where there are many radioactive materials, infrared induction radiation sources, ultraviolet radiation, solvent vapor and corrosive vapor in the natural environment.

3. The installation ground should have sufficient bearing capacity.

4. Due to the high working voltage and high voltage impact risk of battery components, special insulating layer tools are used in the loading and unloading of the conductive connecting belt. During the entire installation and transportation process of the rechargeable battery, only non-metallic material booms are used, not galvanized steel wire ropes.

5. Dirty connection strips or unbreakable connections may cause the rechargeable battery to ignite or even destroy the battery pack, causing the spatter on the connection strap to be carefully and tightly twisted .

6. Storage batteries with different capacities and different characteristics cannot be connected and used. Before installing the end connector and rechargeable battery system software, check the total operating voltage and positive and negative levels of the rechargeable battery system software to ensure correct installation.

The battery shell cannot be cleaned with solvents, and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers cannot be used to destroy the battery fire accidents. Fire-fighting equipment such as carbon tetrachloride can be used.

When the battery is connected to the charging head or load, the power switch should be in the off position, and make sure that the connection is proper: the positive level of the battery is connected to the charging head, and the negative level is connected to the negative level.

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