Nine guidelines for UPS battery installation

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Tags: UPS battery installation nine major hands, search in the station: UPS batteries 1. Number of parallel connections-when floating charging, plug-in terminal batteries can only be associated with three rows at most. There is no special restriction on bolt-fastened terminals, but the number of parallel connections is small Increased reliability. In addition, when connecting in parallel, it is necessary to consider equalizing the wiring conductor and contact resistance between the columns. In order to keep the charge and discharge batteries in each column balanced, please do not exceed three columns in actual use. 2. Do not install UPS batteries in a sealed space or near a fire, otherwise there is a danger of explosion and fire. 3. When putting the battery into the box, pay attention to air circulation. 4. When using batteries with different capacities, new and old, and different manufacturers at the same time, the UPS battery and the machine may be damaged due to their different characteristic values, so please avoid using them. 5. Please do not install the battery in an environment exceeding -40 °C~60 °C. 6. Do not use the battery in a dusty place, otherwise it may cause a short circuit of the battery. 7. Do not install the battery in a place where water may enter, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock or fire. 8. Do not press the upper cover with sticky or label-like objects. Because of the exhaust valve under the upper cover, the gas generated in the battery will not escape. 9. Do not cover the battery with vinyl (plastic bags) that may cause static electricity. When static electricity is generated, it may sometimes cause an explosion.
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