Lead-acid battery industry has obtained the breakthrough - Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-02
After years of construction and development, system of lead-acid battery industry in China has basically formed and showed a trend of rapid development, environmental problems have also made a breakthrough. Are actively implementing circular economy in China, 90% of the waste battery can be recycled, but our country industrial policy not to waste battery recycling is a good development space, making it a long plagued the bottleneck of battery development in our country. Don't have a old lead-acid battery recycling management of legal norms, the country has not set up a professional waste lead-acid battery recycling company, enterprise or battery without a professional secondary lead enterprises established a national recycling network and regional recycling network, the recycling in a disordered state, decentralized operation, the recovery rate of waste lead acid battery is not high. Has more than hundred years history of lead-acid batteries because of cheap materials, simple process, mature technology, low self-discharge, free maintenance requirements, such as features, in the coming decades, still dominant in the market, although the priming, power battery market space there may be a turning point, the national industrial development in the near future will still be in the dominant position, the midterm will be a place in the long term, in does not require high weight ratio energy use will continue to exist. Although the lead-acid battery technology is improving, but its power, cycle life and other issues are still important research subject of industry. Therefore, to strengthen research and development, and strive to improve the level of scientific research, enhance competitiveness is the only way for the development of industry.
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