Lead-acid battery capacity test index

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-27
Label: Lead-acid battery capacity test indicators When testing the lead-acid battery capacity, you can refer to the following three indicators 1. Reserve capacity Reserve capacity refers to the shortest time that the lead-acid battery charging system can provide the machine to work normally, that is, when the lead-acid battery charging system fails. The battery is discharged with a fixed discharge current (the discharge current should not be too large or too small) to reach the duration of the termination voltage. 2. Cold-start current The cold-start current requires the maximum current value that can be output in a short time when the ambient temperature is minus 18 ℃. With the same capacity, the larger the current value, the better the performance. 3. 20hr discharge capacity This indicator refers to the amount of electricity that a lead-acid battery can discharge within 20 hours under a constant temperature environment of 25 ℃.
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