Lead-acid batteries raise the threshold of industry integration

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
It is understood that lead storage battery products are widely used in automobiles, electric power and other fields, and it is difficult to be replaced by other products in a short period of time. At present, my country has become the world's largest lead battery producer and one of the most important exporters. Its output exceeds 1/4 of the world's total output. However, there are also many small assembly companies, low automation, and serious environmental pollution. According to the 'Access ConditionsThe board production enterprise should have the corresponding production scale.   The reporter consulted the information and found that since the nationwide reorganization of the lead-acid battery industry began in May 2011, relevant state departments and local governments have successively issued a series of industry reorganization notices. However, some analysts believe that these industry rectification notice documents have greater flexibility and weak binding force, and the effect in the actual implementation process is lower than expected. There have been phenomena such as the transfer of closed production capacity, rectification during the day, and production at night. . 'The issuance and implementation of the 'Access Conditions' provide powerful regulations for my country to accelerate the structural adjustment of the lead-acid battery industry.' A related person from the industry leader Camel Group Co., Ltd. told reporters.  Yuexiu Securities analysts believe that due to the increased entry threshold for companies under the 'Access ConditionsData show that as of the end of November 2011, 684 domestic lead storage battery manufacturers have been directly banned and closed, and 773 have been suspended for rectification. Only 314 normal production companies remain, accounting for 17.7% of the total. After the implementation of the 'Access Conditions   The 'Access Conditions' set strict regulations on the cadmium and arsenic content of lead storage batteries. At the same time, the production process route also stipulates that by the end of 2012, the use of external chemical conversion processes is prohibited for new, renovated and expanded projects. 'At present, only about 20% of the industry's production capacity is produced using internal chemical conversion processes, so 2013 may be the year of policy industry integration.' said an analyst at Yuexiu Securities.
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