Lead-acid batteries can also be used for 'hydrotherapy'

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Label: Lead-acid batteries can also be used for 'hydrotherapyThe 'hydrotherapy' of lead-acid batteries is a method of charging and discharging. For batteries with heavier vulcanization, the 'hydrotherapy' is charged and discharged to restore the period to normal. The method is as follows:    (1) Distilled water with the capacity of 500 ml dripping bottle used for hospital infusion is mixed with 0.5 ml analytically pure concentrated sulfuric acid to prepare a diluted sulfuric acid electrolyte with a density of about 1.050 as water supplement. (2) Pry open the upper cover of the battery (must be careful to avoid damage), unscrew the single-cell control valve (or remove the rubber cover), add 5ml-15ml of self-prepared electrolyte to the battery, and inject the electrolyte After that, it’s best to leave the battery for more than 10 hours, so that the replenishing liquid soaks into the separator until you just see the flowing electrolyte (the flashlight is irradiated vertically to see the hole more clearly) or the battery is turned 90 degrees to make the small hole Face to the side to allow excess electrolyte to overflow, then turn it back over). (3) Connect the battery and the tester, and press the 'battery repair' function button of the tester to repair. The tester automatically enters the desulfurization repair for three or six hours. After three hours of desulfurization time, it will automatically switch to working mode '3Capacity and time are very intuitive. Record the capacity each time, repeat three or four times until the capacity no longer rises.
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