How to test the performance of lead-acid batteries-what are the parameters?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-25
Tags: How to test the performance of lead-acid batteries-what are the parameters? There are many parameters to measure the performance of lead-acid batteries, including cold start current, reserve capacity, and 20 h discharge capacity, but these indicators must be test results made under specific conditions and environments. 1. Cold start current The cold start current requires the maximum current value that can be output in a short time when the ambient temperature is minus 18 ℃. With the same capacity, the larger the current value, the better the performance. 2. Reserve capacity Reserve capacity refers to the shortest time that can be provided to the machine to work normally when the battery charging system fails, that is, the duration of time for the newly fully charged battery to discharge to the termination voltage with a fixed discharge current (25 A). 3. 20hr discharge capacity This indicator refers to the amount of electricity that the battery can discharge within 20 hours when the temperature is below 27 ℃.
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