How to properly use forklift batteries to increase their service life?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

Many electric forklifts used in industrial production use batteries, so how to use forklift batteries correctly to increase their service life?

The correct method of using the battery:

1. It is used as a forklift battery in the whole process. Please pay attention not to put it into work immediately when starting, because the voltage and current are just starting There is a large instantaneous value, which can easily cause current breakdown if used immediately.

2. As construction machinery and equipment vehicles, electric forklifts often perform a lot of work and cannot be produced by shaking. Therefore, people pay attention to work and check whether the battery rack is firm before driving. The screws are not loose to avoid the rechargeable battery from loosening due to the impact of the battery.

3. When the battery is charged normally, it is best to remember that when the battery is charging, it is best to unplug it at a speed after it is fully charged, because the battery is charged for a long time, which will shorten the battery's life.

How to maintain the battery during use?

1. Discharge: According to the specified level and pure water, there is no need to increase the discharge time and add too much pure water.

2. Battery charging: The steam during battery charging will be naturally ventilated at the battery charging site, and there is no fire around. Carbon dioxide, acid and alkaline gases caused during battery charging will cause harm to the surroundings. When charging the battery, the power plug can be removed and the battery charger can be turned off. After the battery is charged, there is a lot of radon around the battery.

In the event of a fire, the back cover on the bottle should be opened for charging.

3. Repair and maintenance of wire heads, transmission lines and covers: manufacturers need to develop professional skills.

Cleaning: If it is not too dirty, you can wipe it clean with wet water. If it is very dirty, you also need to take the bottle out of the car and use tap water to dry it.

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