How to prevent vulcanization of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

The main reasons for vulcanization are:

1. The initial battery charging work before the original factory has not been completed, and the long-term idle battery charging does not charge on time;

2. Lithium battery electrolyte The relative density is too high to dissolve lead sulfate.

3. The rechargeable battery is overcharged and discharged, and the rechargeable battery cannot prevent overcharge and discharge.

4. The battery is not charged and discharged immediately after charging and discharging.

5. The purity of lead raw materials is not high, which leads to overcharge and discharge of the battery life;

6. If the water is not timely, the electrolyte of the lithium battery cannot cover the electrodes of the rechargeable battery, resulting in air In deep space oxidation.

It is very possible to cause lead-acid battery vulcanization in many cases. Part of the lead sulfate in the sulfided battery forms crystals, and the crystals are frozen during the charging process, and ordinary charging current cannot open these crystals. So that the electric energy charged into the battery cannot be effectively converted into chemical energy and stored. . Therefore, the capacity of rechargeable batteries continues to decrease.

What are the main manifestations of vulcanized batteries?

The early stage of lead-acid battery vulcanization is mainly manifested in the decrease of battery capacity decay coefficient, specific power and discharge capacity after charging, and users feel that there are fewer and fewer batteries. The battery charging time is reduced during the entire charging process, and the rechargeable battery is mainly charged quickly. After the rechargeable battery is charged, the battery quickly consumes water, and the rechargeable battery is very hot during the entire process. In the middle and late stages, the control panel around the battery column will continue to show obvious activation.

If the vulcanization problem is not dealt with immediately, what are the adverse effects?

If the vulcanization problem is not dealt with immediately, the capacity of the rechargeable battery will continue to decay coefficient; the user thinks that the rechargeable battery is not enough, it will increase the charging frequency of any battery; the higher the charging frequency of the unsaturated fat battery, the more vulcanized charging It is easy to accelerate and produce polarization.

Most battery chargers on the market cannot be used to identify the vulcanized part of rechargeable batteries. According to the law of conservation of kinetic energy, if the electromagnetic energy of a rechargeable battery cannot be completely converted into mechanical energy, it will be converted into other forms of kinetic energy and released. The general performance is mainly represented by a large amount of electrolyzed water, and the hair of the rechargeable battery is more serious.

How to prevent vulcanization of lead-acid batteries?

1. Select the appropriate forklift battery capacity to ensure that the forklift can meet the user’s working hours and prevent detailed battery charging;

2. Minimize the excessive charge and discharge of the battery, And fast charge after the battery is charged and discharged;

3. The battery charging time and the whole process must be explained in detail. At present, an excellent high-frequency battery charger can set a pair of battery charging curves for the battery.

4. Frequently check the electrolyte level of the lithium battery to make the liquid level of the battery higher than the electrode.

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