How to perform routine maintenance on forklift batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

As an important power source for electric vehicles, forklift batteries are particularly important in the daily maintenance of forklifts. If the forklift battery is well maintained, the work efficiency and duration of the forklift will be higher, and the economic benefits it will bring to the enterprise will be higher. So how do we maintain the forklift battery? 1. Daily inspection work 1. Frequently check whether the electrolyte is sufficient. When the liquid level is lower than the rated value, the forklift battery will be heated and damaged due to too little electrolyte, thereby shortening the service life of the forklift battery; how to carry out routine maintenance of the forklift battery ?

Keep the surface of the forklift battery clean. Dirty surfaces may cause leakage and affect the service life of the forklift battery.

Adding distilled water When the electrolyte of the forklift battery is lower than the rated value, we need to add distilled water to the electrolyte, but the added distilled water must not exceed the specified liquid level, otherwise too much distilled water will cause electrolysis Liquid overflows, causing leakage.

Charging the battery 1. The forklift battery will generate gas during the charging process, so we should ensure that the charging place is well ventilated and there is no open flame around.

The cost of energy consumption will vary with forklifts with different power systems, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline. The labor cost varies with the number of drivers and their total monthly salary. The number of drivers will be reduced due to the adoption rate of forklifts.

When the forklift battery is unplugged during charging, the charging plug is easy to produce, so we should turn off the charging motor before unplugging the plug.

When charging the forklift battery, you should open the cover on the forklift battery, otherwise there will be some.

Overcharge and overdischarge of forklift battery will affect battery performance and life, so we should try our best to avoid it.

Battery storage The forklift battery must be stored in a ventilated, cool place, and in a humid environment, so as to prevent the forklift battery from short-circuiting and causing safety accidents. In addition, used forklift batteries still have electrical energy, so we cannot discard them at will, but should be handed over to designated departments for disposal.

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