How to meet the customer's delay requirements for UPS power supply

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-16

The UPS power supply system provides the function of setting email or text message reminders, so that an alarm will be issued immediately when an alarm occurs, and if the power supply does not provide power quickly after a power failure, the data center server can be shut down remotely . A network setup like this actually encourages preventive UPS maintenance and good transaction management. It can record the power source, prompt for low battery capacity, etc. So, what are the requirements for UPS power operation?

The network environment can even help improve the operational efficiency of large data centers. Information from dozens of UPSs on the same network can be collected and studied, and used to optimize load management.

At the same time, the UPS power supply can also ensure the stability, precision, and reliability of the output power supply, so that the load can run safely. The product adopts digital control technology, can realize parallel expansion and parallel redundancy functions, and provide users with flexibility and safety guarantee for power supply planning. This architecture can be flexibly extended with the needs of the enterprise, so that it can be truly on-demand. It is worth mentioning that the UPS power supply only needs to install a parallel card on each machine to achieve true parallel, so it lays a good foundation for the future expansion of the enterprise. The person in charge said that this design takes into account the needs of users and is also an economically feasible product design.

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