How to Choose Reasonably the Floating Voltage of UPS Battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Label: How to choose the UPS battery float voltage reasonably? In the use of UPS power system, when the mains power is normal, the UPS battery works online, so that the battery is basically in a long-term floating charge state, and the selection of the float charge voltage is related to the battery Long-term reliable operation plays a vital role. A high float voltage will cause the battery to lose water slowly and cause thermal runaway, which will cause the battery to fail; a low float voltage will cause the battery to be in a long-term under-charged state. Sulfate the battery and cause the battery to fail. The correct float voltage should generally be selected at 2.23V/cell, and should be adjusted accordingly with the battery operating temperature. Due to different battery manufacturers, this parameter will have some differences, and should be selected strictly according to the parameters provided by the manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to set the float voltage at 2.23V/cell (25°C). If you do not work in this floating charge range, but use 2.35V/cell (25℃), thermal runaway will occur after 4 months of continuous charging; or use 2.30V/cell (25℃) and charge continuously for 6~ Thermal runaway will occur in 8 months; if 2.28V/cell (25°C) is used, severe capacity drops will occur for 12 to 18 consecutive months, leading to thermal runaway. The direct consequence of thermal runaway is the bulging and air leakage of the battery shell, the decrease of battery capacity, and finally failure.
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