How to check and maintain forklift batteries daily

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

The performance advantages and disadvantages of forklift batteries will directly affect the application of forklifts. Daily inspection and maintenance of batteries should be strictly done. How to check and maintain the forklift battery daily:

1. Daily maintenance: charge the battery immediately after each charge and discharge. Each charge and discharge cannot exceed 80% of the total battery capacity.

2. Weekly maintenance: check whether the cable screw in the middle of the rechargeable battery module is fixed. If the rechargeable battery does not automatically add system software, check the lithium battery electrolyte aspect ratio after charging. When the height and width ratio and the required height and width ratio should be added to the level table less than allowed (the ratio of the height and width of the protection board or the ratio of the indicated height and width). Check whether there is water in the battery box. Xuancheng forklift leases and finds that the water must be inhaled immediately.

3. Monthly maintenance: Check and record the working voltage of all power modules and their batteries before charging. After the battery is charged, the relative density and temperature of the lithium battery electrolyte should be accurately measured, and a manual forklift should be rented and recorded. If there is a big difference from the previous precision measurement value, it should be checked by professionals and technicians.

4. Annual maintenance: The grounding resistance and grounding resistance of the shovel shall be checked by professional and technical personnel every year. Follow the instructions to check the battery charger to ensure that all functions are normal.

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