How to charge the maintenance-free battery of a motorcycle?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-18

The maintenance-free battery of a motorcycle can be used directly after filling it. Of course, it is better to perform initial charging. Generally, the charging time is about 20 minutes. The charging current should be one-tenth of the battery capacity, or Charging with no more than 1 ampere current.

The battery has no memory effect, and there is nothing special about the first charge. It cannot be over-discharged or over-charged, and the charging display is full.

How to charge the maintenance-free battery of a motorcycle? First check the battery voltage and charge it with a suitable charger. If a 12V battery is charged, use a 12V battery charger, and if a 6V battery is charged, use a 6V battery charger. , You can remove the battery to charge, or you can charge directly in the car, but the switch of the motorcycle should be closed, and the charging current should be controlled at one-tenth of the rated capacity of the battery. Keep it safe, and the charging time is 4--6 hours.

The battery of the motorcycle does not need to be charged separately. Because the motorcycle will automatically charge the battery during driving, the meter always shows that it is the normal voltage in the middle, run for a while It is displayed in three-quarters, that is because the output voltage of the generator of the motorcycle is higher than the rated voltage of the battery. It belongs to the normal range.

When the motorcycle battery is fully charged and filled with water, as long as the car is started every day, it can be used until the battery is scrapped. Because the battery is being charged as long as the engine starts.

If the battery loses power, models equipped with a separate ignition circuit can start driving through pedals and other forms.

Models using DC ignition system cannot start. But as long as the battery is enough to start, you can drive. Because the power source of the DC igniter needs to be taken from the battery. As long as it starts, the electricity from the engine is supplied to the DC igniter.

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