Four factors that mainly affect the voltage capacity of Power Kingdom battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-12

First, the structure and number of the plates

   When other conditions are the same, the capacity of Power Kingdom battery Depending on the area of u200bu200bthe plate and the porosity of the active material, the battery plate is usually very thin. The thickness of the German solar cell plate is 1.45-3.0 mm.

Second. Discharge situation

   When the discharge degree of the German Sunshine battery is large, due to the large amount of lead sulfate precipitation, the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe plate pores is reduced Small, it is difficult for sulfuric acid to penetrate into the electrode plate from the surface. Therefore, when the discharge current increases, the sulfuric acid in the plate holes is not enough to compensate for the amount of sulfuric acid consumed per unit time, causing the battery voltage to drop rapidly and the discharge cannot be continued. Therefore, the discharge current increases and the battery capacity decreases.

3. Electrolyte density

   By increasing the density of the electrolyte, the electromotive force of the battery and the permeability of the electrolyte to the active material in the electrode plate can be improved , To reduce the resistance of the electrolyte, thereby increasing the capacity of the battery. However, if the density of the electrolyte continues to increase, its viscosity will increase. Therefore, when the density of the electrolyte exceeds a certain value, the penetration rate of the electrolyte will decrease, the internal resistance will increase, and the vulcanization of the electrode plates will increase, making the battery’s The capacity is reduced. Therefore, the maximum capacity of the battery can be obtained only when the density of the electrolyte is in the optimal state.

Four. Electrolyte temperature

   When the temperature decreases, due to the increase of surface viscosity, it is difficult for the electrolyte to penetrate into the electrode plate. At the same time, as the temperature decreases, the resistance of the electrolyte increases, the voltage decreases, and the battery capacity will decrease.

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