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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-23
Car engine cabin has a lot of important parts and their respective division of labor is different, in charge of the various functions of the vehicle, and many of which are easily ignored their cars. Today we are going to mention is the car battery, this seemingly simple parts played a crucial role in engine operation, if it have gone on strike, that my car is basic half paralyzed. That how can I avoid battery problems? Out of the problem and how to solve? To look down, and we will answer one by one to you. The definition and function of the battery in the first place, we need to know what's the battery is a. Battery is also referred to as the battery, and battery is one of the many kind of battery. In simple terms, its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity. What we call the car battery, is refers to the lead-acid battery, the battery is mainly composed of lead and other oxides, and using the sulfuric acid solution as the electrolyte battery belong to dc power supply of car, its role is: when you start the engine provides powerful help when starting current, generator overload generator to the power equipment power supply, the engine idle speed to the power equipment of power supply and protection of electric equipment, vehicles can be stored will be part of the electrical energy into chemical energy. The structure of the battery car battery mainly used lead-acid battery, the battery is made up of positive and negative plate, plate, shell, electrolyte and wiring and other components of the pile head, the discharge chemical reaction is depend on the positive plate of active substances and negative plate under the action of active substances in the electrolyte, the plate of the gate frame is made of lead antimony alloy. Classification at present mainstream car battery of battery is divided into three categories, respectively is common battery, dry lotus and maintenance-free battery, the battery maintenance-free battery application is most common among them, most of our family car is equipped with the battery. Normal battery: ordinary battery plate is made of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is sulfuric acid aqueous solution. It has the advantages of voltage stability, price is low; But the disadvantage is that is lower than can ( The battery stored per kilogram of electricity) Frequent, short service life and daily maintenance. Dry lotus battery: it is the full name of dry charged lead-acid battery, its main characteristic is negative plate has higher storage capacity, under the condition of dry completely, can basic won't damage internal power in two years; But use a little tedious, added to the electrolyte, wait for about 30 minutes to activate. Maintenance-free battery, the battery electrolyte consumption is very small, basic don't need to add distilled water in its life cycle. In addition, it also has a shock resistant, high temperature resistant, small volume and low self-discharge advantages, and also the service life than ordinary battery twice as long. At present most of the family car is equipped with free maintenance battery, like our common manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Citroen, nissan has been as a standard. It is important to note that the current market sales of maintenance-free battery has two kinds: a one-time add electrolyte when buying, don't need to add the supplement water in future use; The other is a good electrolyte battery factory has been added, and completely sealed, later added cannot inject fluid.
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