Design scheme of battery charger

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-14
Tags: Battery charger design scheme. The working principle of battery charger. According to the research results of the best battery charging technology by American battery expert Maas in the mid-1960s, he proposed that the battery with the lowest gassing rate is acceptable The charging current curve is a curve in which the charging current gradually decreases exponentially. That is, the current is very large at the beginning of charging. As the battery voltage continues to rise, the charging current continues to decrease until it is fully charged, at which time the charging current approaches zero. Then it automatically switches to constant voltage charging to keep the battery from self-discharged power loss. It will not be overcharged after charging for a long time. Such a charging method can greatly extend the service life of the battery and shorten the charging time at the same time. We can make a design plan based on the above principles, as shown in the figure below: This design is a 75W charger suitable for charging lead-acid batteries from 12AH to 60AH. Changing R8 can adjust the initial charging current within a certain range. If the battery is charged from 60AH to 120AH, a larger magnetic core needs to be replaced, and the high-frequency transformer needs to be redesigned, otherwise the charging time will be much longer. For example, using PQ3230, EE40 and EC40, it can achieve 150W under the premise of 220V to 230V input voltage. Increase the heat sink of the switch IC and output rectifier diode, reduce R8, and other changes are not required. R8 adjusts the charging current. I used two 0.15/2W resistors together. After the 36AH is discharged, the battery voltage is 10.8V. The initial charging current is about 6A. Adjust RW so that the no-load voltage is 16.3V. When fully charged, the battery has an online voltage of 16V to 16.1V. The working mode is flyback, and the working frequency is 100KHz. The transformer is made of sandwich bread type, that is, the secondary pole is wrapped between the two primary layers to reduce the leakage inductance and increase the coupling strength between the primary and secondary. Hope the above design scheme of battery charger can help you!
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