Battery related maintenance knowledge

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
The maintenance of the battery is also very important. If you develop bad habits, it will shorten the service life of the battery or cause damage. The general battery can be used for 2 to 3 years. Storage without electricity: If the owner of the vehicle over-discharges the battery due to negligence, after restarting the vehicle, ensure that the engine runs for at least 1 hour to charge the battery. Incorrect charging: the battery should be charged for a long time with a small current. If the battery is charged with a large current for a long time, the electrolyte will be heated and boiled and the internal moisture will evaporate, which will change the density of the electrolyte. The vents of non-maintenance-free batteries are blocked. If the vents are blocked, the internal pressure will rise, and in severe cases, the battery will explode. If the battery is over-discharged, be sure to charge the battery for a long time after the fault is resolved (only a professional charger can complete it, about 10 hours). The long-term battery life damage is the largest when working under the state of power loss, improper charging and power loss work have the greatest impact on the life of the battery. If the battery is used for more than four years, it may only work normally in warm weather. When replacing the battery, the spare battery should be bridged to prevent some electronic equipment from failing to work normally due to power failure. Winter is the season where battery failures occur frequently. You can prepare battery auxiliary wiring in the car. The battery should be replaced immediately after the lap start.
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