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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
Many car owners in daily use, not too care about the use of the battery, car battery in use there are actually many doorways. When the vehicles on the road and parking, there are some detail problems worthy of attention, we have for you below illustrates some of the matters of attention in the actual use. Battery if long time need not, will slowly to discharge, until completely destroyed. Should, therefore, every once in a while on a car, in time for battery charging. Another method is to two electrodes of the battery pull down, in order to reduce the car with the electric power consumption. In addition, the battery power can be reflected in the dashboard, when ammeter pointer display storage capacity is insufficient, the charge in time. And dry lotus battery electrolyte density should be standard in different areas and different season to adjust accordingly, distilled water and electrolyte loss supplement or dedicated rehydration, cannot use to drink pure water instead. It is important to note that when the vehicles uninterrupted use to start the machine, it can lead to damage due to excessive discharge battery, the correct method is every time launch vehicle ignition time not more than 5 seconds, start again time interval is not less than 15 seconds. And should also regularly check whether the battery cover holes ventilation, if the battery cover holes blocked, electrolyte battery shell will be expansion of the burst. First of all, the battery outside simple scrub with wet dishcloth, the panel and the two level on pile head of dust, oil, white powder, easy to cause the leakage of dirt to wipe clean. Scrubbing away the battery, the battery two levels of pile head easy sedimentation etched powder, can be indirectly extend the service life of the battery. Second, should check the battery power once a month, the electrolyte level should remain between Max and min mark, often check whether vent open, even in case the battery deformation or blowout. When feel obviously insufficient voltage drop, the lamp brightness, poor ignition start-up and starting weakness, car charge should be timely. Finally, the new battery when stored away from heat and open flame, charging car to assure ventilated environment. When installing the battery to check whether fixed firmly, the vehicle starts with and without vibration, and check the two levels of pile head of the battery, must maintain good contact, prevent short circuit for empty pick up. In addition, when the car in very cold weather, to avoid the battery fully discharge and electrolyte freeze.
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