Battery detection method

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
As the batteries age, their voltage-time curve shows a similar initial voltage value, but the slope of the curve increases with the increase in discharge time.   For any new lead-acid battery, R is usually not linearly related to discharge capacity. Electrolyte saturation, completeness of formation (especially on the surface of the plate), the contact area of u200bu200bthe separator-plate interface, and the slight change in pressure all have a small effect on the resistance, but may have a great impact on the discharge process. .   A slight increase in the initial electrolyte volume will only slightly decrease the total resistance R of the battery. However, due to the lack of acid, the small increase in electrolyte volume will lead to the extension of the discharge time. There will be differences between the batteries in a 12V battery pack. The measurement of resistance and open circuit voltage can be used to find out those unqualified batteries: they The voltage drops too fast and exceeds the normal range. The main defects of these unqualified products are generally poor top connection, too little electrolyte volume, air leakage or short circuit.  During battery use, these undesigned defects can be easily measured by resistance and open circuit voltage methods. Many battery manufacturers use the open-circuit voltage method and the discharge load method for final quality inspection of battery products. Users can also use this method to inspect the battery products during the reception of battery products and the entire installation process using lead-acid batteries.
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