Batteries-Overview of the types of batteries used in various industries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Mobile company: mainly base station batteries, each base station has one or two sets of spare batteries, mainly 2V, 300AH, 400AH, 500AH, each group of 24; storage batteries for computer rooms are generally: 1000AH, 2000AH, 3000AH batteries Group, 24 pieces per group;

  Unicom: mainly base station batteries, each base station has one or two sets of backup batteries, mainly used for 2V, 300AH, 400AH, 500AH, There are 24 units in each group, and the battery in the computer room is generally: 1000AH battery pack;

   Netcom and telecommunications companies: mainly computer rooms and access points, divided into two categories according to the capacity of each site:

   The first category: higher power stations use battery packs, mainly 2V, mainly 500AH and 1000AH, and 200AH, 300AH, 1200AH battery packs, each with 24 ;

   The second category: small power stations use battery packs, mainly 12V, mainly 100Ah and 200AH, there are also 65AH, 38AH battery packs, each battery pack 4; Each base station has multiple groups, generally 2-6 groups;

  Financial system: business points UPS power battery, mainly 12V, 100Ah and 65AH, each network is generally 2-4 groups.

   Power system: mainly battery packs used in substations, generally 2V, 200AH, 300AH, 400AH, 500AH, 110 blocks per group, based on 110,000V substation, Some of the larger substations have two groups; the smaller substations also have 12V, 100-200AH, and 18 pieces in series. In addition, power dispatch centers, dedicated communications networks, and power plants also have many battery packs for backup or control. Contact: 18038382979


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