You can choose five ways from APCUPS power supply to tell you how long it takes to replace the UPS

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-10

There are five ways to tell you how long it takes for APCUPS batteries to replace lead batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and lithium batteries, which are usually classified as the main battery types, taking into account the charging status of the UPS battery and the Schneiderps battery itself The environment and life span and cost. 1. The temperature of the environment in which the device is used has a significant impact on the Schneiderps battery: if the ambient temperature is high, it will cause the Schneiderps battery to overload and generate free gas; on the contrary, if the ambient temperature is low, the Schneiderps battery will be charged. 2. The UPS battery is a factor that affects battery life. The impact of depth of discharge on the life of Schneiderps batteries has not been underestimated: the deeper the depth of discharge of Schneiderps batteries, the smaller the degree to which they can be recycled. This is a limitation and mutual influence. 3. During storage, transportation and installation, Schneiderps battery also lost part of its capacitance due to self-destruction. The backup battery of the load UPS has been installed for a long time. It is recommended that we charge immediately every three to six months before installing the charge for 3 to 6 months to determine the correct or bad state of the UPS battery measured under high opening voltage. . 4. If the measured opening voltage is less than 10.5 volts, the quality of most UPS batteries is very poor. The charge and discharge current of the apc power battery are usually determined by the open circuit voltage value. For a UPS battery whose A capacitance matches the AH value, Cu003d100A UPS battery. 5. The charge current of the UPS battery is generally about 0.1C (-about 10A), while the charge current cannot. Greater than 0.3C (that is, greater than 30A). 5. Charge voltage; As the Schneider UPS battery is a charging function, it may be charged under the normal charging state of the city itself. Perhaps the planning principle is charging, and it can only be discharged when the discharge is interrupted. Fill first, then charge, then restart.

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