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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-08
In manufacturing enterprises in hunan province 2012 double than last year. Of xiangtan electric locomotive plant co. , LTD. Plastic co. , LTD. , taoyuan county, taoyuan county macro paint river town, xin yun battery factory and hunan AnSheng battery co. , LTD. , from production control to the production, xiangtan tiger battery co. , LTD and chenzhou beihu wanhua battery factory from production to production. Hunan bo power supply technology co. , LTD from construction to in production. Lead-acid batteries of the reasons of the working principle of the lead-acid battery charging and discharging process is the process of electrochemical reaction, charging, lead sulfate to form lead oxide, discharging lead oxide and reduction of lead sulfate. And lead sulfate is a kind of very easy to crystalline substance, when the battery in the electrolytic solution of high concentration of lead sulfate or static idle time is too long, will & other; Arms into & throughout; Group, formed a small crystals, these little crystal draw around the lead sulfate, form large inertia crystallization like snowball, charging after the crystallization of lead sulfate not only can't back into lead oxide, attached to the plate electrode will precipitate, cause the loss of the electrode plates work area, this phenomenon is called sulfide, is often said that the old. When the battery capacity will gradually decline, until can't use. When large Numbers of lead sulfate are piled up when will attract lead particles form of lead, lead branch bridge between positive and negative plates will cause the battery to short circuit. If there is crack plate surface or sealed plastic shell, lead sulfate crystallization within those gaps will accumulate, and expansion of tension, finally broke off the plate or shell burst, causing irreparable sex physical damage to the battery. So, the leading cause of lead-acid battery failure and damage mechanism of sulfide is the battery itself is inevitable.
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