Working characteristics of lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
1. The valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is composed of positive and negative plates, separators, electrolyte, safety valve, shell and other parts. In this kind of cathode absorption valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery, the total amount of active material on the negative plate is 15% more than that of the positive electrode. When the battery is charged, the positive electrode is sufficient, and the negative electrode has not reached 90% of its capacity. Therefore, under normal conditions, The positive electrode produces oxygen, while the negative electrode does not produce hydrogen that is difficult to recombine. 12V4AH battery 2. The battery indicators include electromotive force, internal resistance, end voltage, discharge rate, charge rate, and cycle life. (1) Battery electromotive force (e). (2) The internal resistance of the battery (r). (3) Final voltage: the critical voltage when the battery terminal voltage drops sharply when discharged. If the battery is discharged again, the battery terminal voltage will be called the terminal voltage. Different discharge rates have different end-of-discharge voltages, ufinalu003d1.66+0.0175h, where h is the hourly discharge rate, such as 1 hour discharge rate, ufinalu003dl.66+0.0175×1u003d1.68v, if used Discharge at a rate of 10 hours, u end u003d 1.66 + 0.0175 × 10 u003d 1.835v. (4) Discharge rate: Under certain conditions, the speed at which the battery discharges to the end voltage is called the discharge rate. The magnitude of the discharge current is expressed in terms of time rate and current rate. Usually a 10-hour rate is used as the discharge current. That is to put the battery capacity to the final voltage within 10h. The size of the battery capacity changes with the size of the discharge rate. When the discharge rate is lower than the normal discharge rate, a larger capacity can be obtained, and vice versa. (5) Charging rate: The size of the charging current of the battery under certain conditions is called the charging rate. The commonly used charging rate is a 10-hour rate, that is, the charging time takes 10 hours to reach the end of the charging period. When shortening the charging time, the charging current must be increased, otherwise, the charging current can be reduced. (6) Cycle life: The battery undergoes one charge and discharge, which is called a cycle. The number of cycles that a battery can withstand is called cycle life.
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