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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-27
Connect power supply model in the moc before, must first engine; Connect power supply vehicle 2, after pulling, it is important to note that don't let the noise of pulling the cathode contact, short circuit is very dangerous. 3, pulling down the first when you need to remove the negative, then remove the positive electrode. In general, only battery kui electric car after the above steps can smooth ignition. If the electric car is still not playing, so you also don't panic, this is because no electric car battery power is too little, is not enough to start with power supply model of electricity, is normal phenomenon. Then we can give no electric car charge more for a while ( Power supply car boom throttle can accelerate the rate of charge) If your battery is normal, the 10 - It should be launched smoothly for 15 minutes. If we don't have any tools, so the easiest way is to use the cart method with the help of ignition. Cart needs several conditions, only the first, to ensure that the battery has some more electricity, if the battery electricity consumption light completely, cart is useless; Second, cart method only for manual models, automatic-shift cars will not be able to use the cart methods, also can't use the trailer rope trailer, can only use the method of pulling or with plate-type rescue vehicle maintenance to 4 s shop. The car & other; Pushing & throughout; Principle is to use the human to drive the car, the kinetic reaction on the cylinder piston of the mandatory compressed gas and combustion in the cylinder. Cart before, we'd better find a skilled to operate the clutch and gear action driver to be responsible for the ignition and find a few people in the cart. Before driving the car, the driver needs to be the key to the position of the electricity ( ) , hang the tests, when the car was pushed up a little speed, immediately lift the clutch, if the engine start and idle speed properly, with respect to OK. Don't hair off, after a successful ignition remain idle for a period of time, to the accumulator; Or you simply drive on the road one lap, so charging effect is better. Have a should pay attention to detail, is in front of the pilot to hang after the vehicle moving forward into the second gear might be even higher, otherwise will likely & other; Down the car & throughout; Because a gear transmission ratio is generally a lot. Of course, when the cart 1 shades can be started smoothly, but doing so cars will suddenly slow down and then instantly start, it is easy to cause behind the trammer hit the rear of the lead to injury. If there are tow rope and other rescue vehicle will be more convenient.
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