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by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-23
The arrival of this year's winter, cold & hellip; … In the face of the background of the industry reshuffle, while the lead battery industry companies have fallen sharply, but still has a tendency to expand capacity, together with several big companies start price war, industry generally into small profit and loss situation, with the rise of a new round of price war, the industry has entered the cruel winter period, even will continue for several years. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 19 goals and tasks industry close down backward production facilities, including lead battery production capacity of 20 million kva. On July 1, 'the lead battery industry access conditions', carrying out the file in such aspects as site selection, equipment automation, environmental protection setting of threshold, intended to eliminate backward production capacity, to prevent the low-level redundant construction. Industry regulation number lead battery companies to action significantly decreased. The number of lead battery has from about 3000 compression now before the renovation of 1000 or so, the future of enterprise scale will be compressed to 300 or so. Reduction in the number of firms, however, was not significantly change the current situation of excess production capacity, some enterprises even preserved in the clampdown began to buck the expansion. Power (as a giant, day 00819. 香港) On new energy electric vehicle industry peak BBS, said the second half of this year and next year, the company main strategies to accelerate expansion, sufficient capacity, in order to produce the sales. Among them, the secondary market of distribution network, goal is 1200 this year, next year goal is 1500. Automotive lead battery giant camels shares ( 601311). The output of this year is expected to reach more than 12 million kva, and last year, this number is only 9. 26 million kva. According to introducing, the original production line invested nearly 1 billion yuan on a large scale in the transformation, the camel stake in guangxi, such as jilin it will expand production capacity. Director of the lead-acid battery standardization technical committee members, XiaoBo pointed out that the expansion of the industry is not totally blind. Vigorously regulation lead battery industry in the country, a lot of companies were forced out of situation, the expansion of the large enterprises is not only fill the market space, but also in order to seize market share. , of course, in the case of currently has serious surplus production capacity, aggressive forays actions will undoubtedly make the whole industry. In order to seize market, lead battery market have been playing out of the price war is inevitable. Starting in April, to drive sales, several big brand price in succession, then a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) are involved, the original price system is broken. Until the end of October, at the beginning of the battery price is a significant decline. 48 v 12 Ann batteries, for example, a line of about $360 per set, second - and third-tier brand for 300 yuan. And the beginning of a line of brand can sell for about $460, second - and third-tier brand also can sell for nearly $400 in each group, the current price has fallen by about 20%. Jiangsu middle battery technology development co. , LTD. President Shen Weixin tells a reporter, now, lead battery price, lower than the cost price of chaos in the market. Companies are cutting, & other; Fat cut time some long, thin was cut out without a few & throughout; 。 He said that the current outstanding problems is the industry regulation, is not only some substandard enterprises in the production of environmental protection, and some underground black factory also in production, they unlicensed unlicensed, tax evasion, caused a great impact on the market. Camels shares dong strong secret from the king also said that if in strict accordance with 'the lead battery industry access conditions' rectify market, specification of camels shares this company must be a good news, but some local enforcement is not enough. Rita Xie Jike futures institute, said the second half of the lead-acid battery enterprise to inventory pressure is still large. Do not rule out due to the large inventory, lead battery leading enterprises have begun a new round of price war in order to seize market share. Iraq XiaoBo points out, because the product unsalable caused downward price, nearly all the industry at a loss. Has experienced a decade of rapid development lead battery industry is likely to be depressed quite a long time, even have & other; Cold & throughout; Five years or so, face a real & other; Winter & throughout; 。 How long will the cold of winter, & hellip; …
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