Winding type lead-acid battery and what's the difference between the traditional lead-Power Kingdom lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
Winding type lead-acid battery and the working principle of conventional lead-acid battery is the same, it is only in the manufacturing process has improved, and it is these improvements make it has more excellent features from the traditional battery, mainly manifested in the following respects: ( 1) Excellent high and low temperature performance winding type lead-acid batteries in - Work under 55 ℃ ~ 75 ℃. The adoption of the spiral winding winding type lead-acid battery technology, the machine plate with little gap between boards, and the acid is solid acid, and can be adsorbed by glass fibres, the whole structure is extremely close. At high temperature, therefore, the basic no steaming the bubbling phenomena, and at low temperature, less liquid acid can be frozen, there is no current output to reduce the problem. According to the SAE test standard, winding type lead-acid battery in - 55 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ range safety rapid start and drawing work, and the application of the common battery temperature range in - only commonly 10℃~40℃。 This is also the can solve the above the root cause of the hydrologic work telemetry system in low temperature condition. ( 2) Charge very quickly winding type lead-acid battery rechargeable in 40 minutes into the more than 95% of the electricity. Due to winding type lead-acid battery internal resistance is extremely low, so the charging current can be basically all accept, and its own capacity is bigger, so there is no limit to the current when charging, the general fast charging time can load in 1 hour or so, and the common battery internal resistance is higher, so the parts generated by the charging current will be converted to heat energy, and the charging time is generally must be at least 6 hours. Winding type lead-acid battery made of high purity lead it compared to common battery, its side effects, so the battery can use small current charging, even in the rainy day can reach more than 90% of the charging efficiency. ( 3) Long life winding type lead-acid battery when the design of floating life can reach more than eight years. Because the activity of winding type lead-acid battery lead area is very large, so the recovery after its discharge capacity is extremely strong, according to the SAE standards, in J240 test, winding type lead-acid battery starting times as high as more than 15000 times. Compared with the common battery - 2000 About 4000 times the motivation and starting number, winding type lead-acid battery more strong advantage. ( 4) Self-discharge very small because of the winding type lead-acid battery internal resistance, so its little self-discharge when sit idle. Winding type lead-acid battery can be placed without charge for two years, so in a sense really realized the free maintenance. Common battery can be placed at most 1 - Two months will have to charge. Because has more excellent performance, winding type lead-acid battery has been widely applied in hybrid electric vehicles, electric tools, instruments and meters, wind power and other fields.
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