Will lead-acid batteries be replaced by other battery products in a short time?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

Lead-acid batteries are widely used, and there is no stronger product that can replace them in a short time. It is the best waste recycling product in the battery manufacturing industry. The vast majority of lead-acid batteries can be collected and purchased, which is in line with the overall goal of the current national sustainable development policy. In response to the implementation of environmental protection policies and regulations and existing policies related to the management and control of the manufacturing industry, as well as the main uses of new batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries can only be proactively converted and updated before they can be maintained for a long time. Therefore, the transformation and development of the lead-acid battery industry chain in my country is becoming more and more urgent.

According to the data analysis report of my country's lead-acid battery manufacturing industry industry prospects and project investment strategy development planning, the data information of the innovative industrial production research laboratory shows that with the continuous rapid development of economic development, the automobile manufacturing industry The development trend of basic industries such as, communications, power engineering, transportation, and electronic computers is very fast. This manufacturing industry is in a period of high development, and the market demand for storage batteries has reached 900 million yuan.

With the rapid economic development, lead-acid batteries have become common daily necessities. The upgrading of the industrial structure of lead-acid batteries is an essential requirement for accelerating the development of an ecological civilization and emerald green cycle system for low-carbon environmental protection. To maintain the sustainable development concept of the lead-acid battery industry chain, the key lies in how to rationally integrate economic development and ecological environmental protection, maintain a win-win multilateral cooperation to a greater extent, promote the rapid development trend of economic development, and try to avoid air pollution. And then create a harmonious and healthy economic development and social status quo.

As a company, on the one hand, we must improve management capabilities, improve processing, and do our own ecological and environmental protection work to meet relevant national industry standards; on the other hand, we must increase investment in scientific research projects. Actively choose new technology and equipment, improve the economic efficiency of products, develop products, and accelerate the company's transformational development and development trend.

Experts’ suggestion: Proactively constructing the national standardized acquisition system software for waste lead-acid batteries is the top priority. In recent years, my country has actively promoted the comprehensive utilization of lead-acid batteries. The Central Office and the State Office’s announcement on the implementation of the rules and regulations for the voluntary marketing and promotion of foreign investors is clear and encourages lead-acid battery companies to adopt their own acquisitions and coordinated acquisitions.

Therefore, create a standardized acquisition management system for waste lead-acid batteries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the reform and innovation of supplier structure, implement manufacturing obligations, broaden regulations and systems, and maintain the sustainable development concept of the emerald cycle system. Promoting the construction of ecological civilization has key practical significance.

In response to the above-mentioned problems, the industrial production proposal encourages and applies the emerald green acquisition company with the ability to integrate industrial production chains to create a national standardized acquisition system software for waste lead-acid batteries, and establish waste lead-acid battery manufacturing and acquisition The overall solution of the industrial production chain, such as migration, treatment, etc., leads the lead-acid battery industry chain of leading cadres to the construction of ecological civilization and the concept of sustainable development.

Will lead-acid batteries be replaced by other battery products in a short time?

Lead-acid batteries have the advantages of power engineering characteristics, high temperature and ultra-low temperature performance, consistency of composition, utilization of circulatory system, and price. In addition, lead-acid batteries are chemical plant batteries with a large market share, and battery products with a wide range of applications have not yet been fully replaced in the gas turbine industry for start-up, large-scale environmental protection and energy saving applications. Therefore, in a short period of time, lead-acid batteries cannot be replaced by other battery products.

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