Why don't cars use lithium batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

They say that the car’s heart system is the engine, but the car’s battery can be said to be equal to the human brain, small in size, and can be used to recycle the system's power supply system, so ordinary cars use lead-acid batteries. After using a small car for more than two years, the charge-discharge capacity and charge-discharge capacity will be weakened. Generally, the battery life of a car is not easy to exceed 4 years. Of course, a well-maintained battery will last longer. So why not switch to lithium batteries with higher energy density? Why don't cars use lithium batteries?

The reason is that lead-acid batteries are resistant to cold! The charging and discharging characteristics of lithium batteries at ultra-low temperatures are declining, and they will quickly lose electricity at minus 10 degrees. Lead-acid batteries can start cars at minus 50 degrees. There is no way to guarantee this with lithium batteries. In addition, lead-acid batteries are safer and more reliable than lithium-ion batteries. When the battery is charged and discharged with high current, it is easy to produce lithium crystals in the negative stage.

At present, 90% of the battery cars sold and used on the market are lead-acid batteries. As the average temperature decreases, various chemicals are unique in lead-acid batteries. The performance is reduced, and the working capacity of the battery is reduced. Lead 25C, lead-acid batteries can charge and discharge all normal batteries to a large extent; when the average temperature is lower than 10℃, lead-acid batteries can store 20% of the electricity. When stored at 0c, the stored power will be reduced by more than 30%. Therefore, even a new bottled car will suffer from insufficient endurance in winter. When choosing a charging head, it is best to use a charging head with appropriate stop charging devices (such as no charging time device, negative voltage difference (-dv) disconnect battery charging and anti-overtemperature magnetic induction device), lead-acid battery repair for forklift To prevent overcharging of the rechargeable battery.

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