Why does the temperature rise after adding electrolyte to new lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

What happened to the temperature rise after adding electrolyte to the new lead-acid battery?

The temperature rise after adding electrolyte to a new rechargeable battery is related to the internal elements of the new battery. The temperature of the dry-charged battery rises after adding liquid, and the battery temperature rise is not very significant. This is because the dry-charged grade board has undergone oxidation resistance, and the original rechargeable battery is in sufficient power condition, and it can be loaded and applied after adding the liquid. ; The general pole piece rechargeable battery has not been solved by oxidation resistance, and the negative plate is in a semi-sufficient state. A very large part of the chemical substances are reflected by lead monoxide and dilute hydrochloric acid and cause a lot of heat, so the temperature is very high. In summer, the temperature sometimes reaches above 50°C, so special attention should be paid to manual service to reduce the temperature when charging the battery. During the whole process of battery charging, the mixed chemical substances such as hydrochloric acid vapor, water vapor, radon gas and co2 generated inside the rechargeable battery escape and diffuse into the gas, which will make people feel irritating.

The pole piece is the key component of the battery and the 'heart' of the battery. It is divided into a positive electrode plate and a negative electrode plate. The function of the baffle is to protect the positive and negative plates and avoid short-circuit failures, which can be called the 'third level'. As a plasmid carrier for lithium battery electrolyte, it can digest and absorb a lot of lithium battery electrolyte, and has the effect of excellent ionization and external diffusion (ionization conductivity). For airtight maintenance-free batteries, the baffle also serves as a 'safe passage' for the positive plate to cause co2 to reach the negative plate, so that it can successfully create an oxygen circulation system and reduce water damage.

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