Why does the battery lose power in winter?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

The importance of the battery is self-evident. Its working principle is an electro-chemical reaction, and low temperature has a significant impact on its performance. Let us understand how to protect the battery in the cold winter?

The role of the battery

Used for engine start (Xingyue 1.5T models use 48VBSG system to start under normal working conditions);

Used for engine power When insufficient, supply power to the vehicle's electrical appliances;

When the engine power is sufficient, the battery power is low, and the energy is stored in advance for the next power supply to the vehicle.

Why does the battery lose power in winter?

Charging is slow

At low temperatures, the internal resistance of the battery increases, and the charging becomes slower. If you drive for a long time and a short distance, it may cause the battery to 'make ends meet' and stay in low power for a long time.

Capacity becomes lower

Under low temperature conditions, the viscosity of the electrolyte inside the battery increases, and the resistance to electronic movement increases, resulting in lower battery capacity.

Dissatisfied charging

In winter, the temperature is low. After starting the vehicle, most of the energy is used to warm up the engine, and the remaining energy to charge the battery is reduced, which may cause the battery to often be in a state of dissatisfaction. .

How to avoid battery power loss

1. Discontinuous start

Prevent the battery from discharging high current for a long time and start it every time you use it The time cannot be greater than 5 seconds, and the two consecutive starting times are 10-15 seconds apart.

2. Reduce the burden on the generator

When the vehicle is driving in winter, be sure to use the electric equipment in the car reasonably to avoid the consumption of battery power when the vehicle power consumption exceeds the generator load!

3. Avoid installations

The static discharge current of the original car electrical devices after locking the car meets the design requirements, while the installed or modified electrical equipment often exceeds the required discharge several times Even dozens of times, it will increase the load of the battery and cause a loss of electricity. Therefore, it is not recommended to install or modify.

4. Turn off the power first and then turn off

Develop a good habit of turning off the electrical equipment in the car, then turn off the car, reduce the useless load of the battery, avoid waste of resources, and extend the service life .

5. Do not use electricity after the flame is turned off

When the engine is not running, try not to use the on-board electrical appliances (audio, air conditioning, etc.), and it is forbidden to turn on the audio entertainment system, headlights, etc. for a long time. Electric equipment such as air conditioners.

6. Pay attention to parking for a long time

If the vehicle is not used for a long time (more than 2 weeks), it is recommended to remove the negative wire of the battery; or, start the vehicle every 2 weeks Run for more than 20 minutes. In winter, the time interval should be appropriately shortened and the running time should be lengthened.

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