Why does the base station battery need to be repaired

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

Why does the base station battery need to be repaired?

In the communication base station, the battery charge and discharge depth is large, the discharge frequency is fast, and the application environment working temperature is too high. This also promotes the need to repair the battery to achieve the actual effect of saving costs.

(1) Deep discharge.

The depth of discharge has a great influence on the service life of the battery circulation system. If the battery is frequently discharged deeply, it will reduce the service life of the circulation system.

Because the deep discharge of the same short-circuit capacity is often used for charging and discharging batteries with large current capacity, it is impossible to recharge at low voltage when charging and discharging batteries with large current capacity.

Because the photovoltaic power generation system software is generally not a battery state that is easy to overcharge, the actual capacity of the battery will gradually decrease over a long period of time, which will affect the normal operation of the battery.

(2) Fast discharge rate.

Generally, the 20-hour charge and discharge capacity is the short-circuit capacity of the battery. If the application amount is less than the required clock charge and discharge rate, the battery charge and discharge capacity can be obtained that is greater than the rated current; if the charge and discharge rate is greater than the required clock, the release amount is less than the battery short-circuit capacity, and the charge and discharge rate will also damage the battery's DC voltage .

In the battery charge and discharge, the electrochemical corrosion current is mainly selected in the surface layer near the main body of the aqueous solution. When charging and discharging with high current, the problem is more obvious. The charging and discharging current increases, the volume of the bottle decreases, and the DC speed increases.

However, on the other hand, the lower the charge-discharge rate, studies have shown that long-term low charge-discharge rate will significantly increase the molecular structure of lead sulfate, resulting in ground stress causing polar bending and active materials Decrease will also reduce the service life of the battery.

(3) The working environment temperature is too high.

The rated capacity of the battery refers to the value of the battery at 25℃. It is generally considered that the operating temperature of the valve-regulated closed lead-acid battery is ideal in the range of 20-30c.

When the battery temperature is too low, the main performance is to reduce the battery capacity, because the lithium battery electrolyte under the ultra-low temperature standard cannot match the active material of the electrode well. The reduced volume will not take into account the expected reserve use time and the required charge-discharge depth for maintenance, which can easily lead to overcharge-discharged batteries.

From the main external parameters of the battery, there is a great correlation between the operating voltage and the temperature. For every liter of battery temperature, the current of the single battery drops by 3mv. In other words, the working voltage of a lead-acid battery has a negative temperature coefficient with a value of -3mv/c.

Similarly, a rise in operating temperature can easily lead to battery overcharge and discharge. High returns will continue to produce battery water shortages and uncontrollable heat conditions. In the photovoltaic power generation system software, the control panel has a temperature compensation function.

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