Why do lead-acid batteries need to be charged once a month when they are not in use?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

Why do lead-acid batteries need to be charged once a month when they are not in use? This is because rechargeable batteries cannot be stored under power-deficient conditions, or salinization is prone to occur, resulting in insufficient battery charging and reduced battery capacity. If you do not need a battery car for a long time, the battery cannot be discharged and should be charged once a month. In addition, to clean the battery car, you do not need water to clean the body immediately, otherwise it will cause short-circuit failures such as electromagnetic coils.

According to the research results of battery charging technology in the middle and late stages of the new century, Max, an authoritative battery expert, proposed the current curve that the battery can accept under low gas velocity conditions. The battery charging and maintenance time should exceed six months, that is, the battery's charge capacity at the beginning of the current is very large, the battery voltage continues to rise, and the current continues to drop until it is charged and the current tends to zero. Then the battery is automatically charged to a constant current source to keep the battery life lost. Battery charging is not easy to overcharge.

The battery charging method can greatly improve battery life and reduce battery charging time. Operating voltage is also a necessary condition for the application of lithium battery series, and the volume will only cause major damage to the application method. Lead-acid battery series of the same volume: CAN series charge and discharge, but also charge and discharge batteries in series, different volume lead-acid battery series: CAN series charge and discharge, can not be charged and discharged in series, constant current switch can also chemically distribute electricity. The steady flow switch can be set in the system software and other actual operations should be flexible and reliable. Parts should not be loosened. There is no need for objects to change the sound of the body, otherwise there will be dirt in the body.

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