Why do everyone have to use gel batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-06

Why do everyone have to use gel batteries? Let's introduce the colloidal battery in detail for everyone below.

Advantages: Lithium batteries have a large electrolyte volume, which is not easy to cause surging due to uncontrollable heat. The service life of the circulatory system and the float charge service life are generally good. Disadvantages: the manufacturing technology level is large, and the cost is increased. The lead-acid battery he said refers to the rechargeable battery by default. Because the colloidal solutions are all lead acid.

Rechargeable batteries: Advantages:

The manufacturing technology level is low, the cost is low, the battery charging characteristics are good, and the defect: it will generate heat that cannot be controlled, because the electrolyte of the lithium battery is too high. The lack of water during overcharge will greatly shorten the cycle times of the battery. The gel battery is a lead-acid battery before adding a gelling agent to make the hydraulic pressure into a gel state.

The difference between the design scheme of using lithium carbon dioxide rechargeable battery and the basic lead-acid battery depends not only on the hydraulic pressure being changed to gelatinous state. For example, the non-condensed water-soluble colloidal solution is the same as the colloidal battery in terms of the structure and characteristics of the photoelectric catalytic classification. When the fiber material is attached to the grid, it is also known as the ceramic fiber grid, which can also be regarded as the application feature of the gel battery. Recently, the existing laboratory has added a coupling agent to the secret recipe of the pole piece, which further improves the utilization rate of the specific chemical substance of the pole piece. According to non-published materials, the net weight energy density level can be achieved.


The key to the inside of the colloidal battery is the porous structure. There are many fine gaps, which can make the oxygen caused by the positive stage of the rechargeable battery complete Transfer to the negative pole piece, which is conducive to the digestion, absorption and combination of the negative stage. The gel battery requires a large amount of acid, so its volume is basically the same as that of the battery. The internal resistance of the gel battery is very large, and generally does not have a good high current charge. Discharge characteristics The heat is easily diffused, and it is not easy to raise the temperature. The probability of heat being uncontrollable is not high. The composition is still the suspected glue produced by water and silica. Therefore, it is the water that causes the photoelectric catalytic effect. There is not much difference in the whole process. However, the transformation of the structure type can produce many advantages

Using colloidal solution lithium battery electrolyte instead of lithium battery electrolyte, it is better than ordinary rechargeable batteries in terms of safety factor, charge and discharge characteristics and service life. Significant improvement. Because of the big difference in characteristics, the switching power supply is very strong. It took a day to finally disassemble the potting glue. The black-gray flexible electronic device silicone rubber was used. It was filled with 90% of the casing capacity, and it was vacuumed. The packaging is solved, and all circuit boards are completely filled with no bubbles. The network classification is PFC+LLC structure.

The colloidal solution lead-acid battery uses the suspected colloidal electrolyte solution. There is no mineral acid liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte solution has a large volume, a large thermal conductivity, and a strong heat dissipation ability, which can prevent general The battery is easy to cause heat uncontrollable conditions, the electrolyte solution concentration value is low, the erosion effect on the pole piece is weak, the concentration value is uniform, and there will be no lithium battery electrolyte layer status. The characteristics of the colloidal solution lead-acid battery are better than the valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery. The colloidal solution lead-acid battery has stable performance indicators, high credibility, long service life, and adaptability to working temperature (strong high and low temperature test, long-term Charging and discharging working capacity The cyclic system charging and discharging working capacity is strong in deep charging and discharging and high-current charging and discharging, and has the advantages of over-charging and over-charging and preventing awareness. Maintenance-free rechargeable batteries have been widely used for electric power The domestic colloidal solution lead-acid battery of the car is grouted in the baffle according to the vacuum pump, and the silicon rubber and the aqueous solution are poured into the battery positive and negative plates. The colloidal solution lead-acid battery cannot carry out the oxygen circulation system in the early stage of application. This is due to the colloid. The solution envelops the positive and negative plates. The co2 caused on the positive plate cannot diffuse to the negative plate, and cannot maintain the recovery of the specific chemical substance lead on the negative plate. It can only be discharged by the automatic exhaust valve. The flooded battery is the same.

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