Why do electric vehicles need 12v batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

12V battery product features:

1, no water replenishment, simple maintenance

The special design overcomes the phenomenon of electrolysis of the battery during the charging process, and the battery is in use. The electro-hydraulic volume and specific gravity hardly change, so the battery does not need to be refilled during its service life, and the maintenance is simple.

2. The sealing is safe and the installation is simple.

There is no flowing electro-hydraulic in the battery. The battery can be installed vertically or horizontally. There is no danger of electro-hydraulic leakage. The battery will not produce acid mist during normal charging. Therefore, the battery can be installed in the office or the supporting equipment room without the need to build a special battery room, which reduces the project cost.

3. Long service life

Using a lead-calcium alloy grid with good corrosion resistance, the normal floating charge life can reach more than 10 years at an ambient temperature of 25℃.

4. High-power discharge performance is good

The use of high-quality plates and glass fiber separators with small internal resistance, and the tight assembly makes the battery internal resistance extremely small. High current discharge in the temperature range of -40℃~60℃, its output power can be about 15% higher than that of conventional batteries.

5. Easy to install and use

The battery is fully charged before leaving the factory, and the user can install and put it into use after the user gets the battery.

Why do electric cars need 12v batteries?

When using a pure electric vehicle, we found that in addition to the power battery, there is a small 12V battery. The power battery high-voltage electrical system is the power battery, which is mainly used to drive the car motor, such as when starting and accelerating. It needs the high voltage of the power battery to realize it, and use it in deep cycle, and supply power to the high-power subsystem, and the low-voltage electrical system is what we often call the small 12V battery, which is usually used in the low-power system of the car because there are many electrical appliances. All are 12V, this design can save the voltage conversion.

At the same time, the small battery needs to supply power to the various subsystems when the flame is turned off in an emergency, right? The airbag sensor must have it? Speed u200bu200bsensor, instrument panel, lighting system, steering wheel assistance, can't you get down? A small battery must be used to ensure safety. In addition to the small battery on the electric vehicle, it also needs to provide the car, double flashing, lights, meters, central control lock and vehicle controller, motor control system, battery management system and high-voltage electrical The equipment controller and cooling electric water pump and other auxiliary components are used for power supply

Secondly, before the vehicle is started, the high-voltage power battery is disconnected by default and not energized, so before outputting power to the outside world, you need to There is a device that turns on the power battery switch. Generally, a relay is used, and the drive of the relay requires another low-voltage 12V power supply, and this low-voltage power supply can be controlled mechanically.

Once the switch is turned on, the high-voltage power battery will charge the low-voltage 12V power supply. This is why a small 12V battery is needed in addition to the power.

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