Why cannot mix - old and new battery-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-21
Battery has been very popular in our life, electrical appliances, such as car battery application scope is very broad. Because people in the use of the storage battery is not very understanding, so more or less in the battery will be some mistakes. For example, the old and new batteries together in series, little imagine, it will shorten the service life of the new battery. New battery due to chemical reaction is more, high voltage, small internal resistance, and low voltage of the old battery internal resistance is bigger, generally 12 v new battery internal resistance is 0. 015 - 0. 018 ohms, the old battery internal resistance is in 0. More than 085 ohms, if the old and new batteries in series, so under the charging status, the old battery charged at the ends of the voltage will be higher than the new at the ends of the battery charging voltage, the result is a new battery is not yet full of, the old battery already through high, and in the condition of discharge, thanks to new battery capacity is larger than the old battery capacity, the result is the old battery discharge excessive, and even cause the old battery, battery ballooning cause side effects. It will loss power of the new battery, and also can cause electrical internal voltage instability, there is also the old battery of the dangers of excessive use. Old and new battery don't mix, the result is not worth the cost.
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