Why can't lithium batteries replace lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are the two most common rechargeable batteries in daily life. They are widely used and are closely related to everyone's daily life. Compared with these two types of rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries still account for the vast majority of sales in the pure electric vehicle manufacturing industry. Why can't lithium batteries replace lead-acid batteries?

1. Safety elements

In recent years, there have been several explosions and safety accidents in my country, most of which are caused by lithium batteries. Although the volume of lithium battery is small and the net weight is relatively light, there are many safety risks. Once the lithium battery is not heated, it will encounter risks. In comparison, most of the lead-acid batteries do not have common thermal faults (very battery charging and charging and discharging), and even rechargeable battery barrels will not cause all common common faults in terms of safety factors.

2. Differences

From the price point of view, the price of lithium batteries is too high, and the price of lead-acid batteries is relatively low. The same type of lithium battery is twice that of lead-acid batteries.

3. Development trend

Because of the advent of national industry standards, the total weight of rechargeable battery vehicles is not restricted, so many lithium-ion pure electric vehicle manufacturers have just begun to use lead-acid Batteries, such as Mavericks, No. 9 etc.

4. Purchasing system

Lead-acid batteries are gradually improving a whole industrial chain of manufacturing, marketing, recycling and reuse in our country. Lead-acid batteries have acid-alkaline rechargeable batteries, but the utilization rate of lithium-ion batteries is low. The transportation of lithium-ion batteries is risky.

5. Compensation should be paid

At this stage, the maintenance technology of lead-acid batteries in our country is already very sound, and the maintenance cost is more cost-effective than the replacement of new rechargeable batteries. In comparison, the repair rate of lithium-ion batteries is too low. Not only must professional and technical personnel, but also a small amount of repair.

From the above analysis, the cost of lithium-ion batteries is rising, the safety performance is poor, the purchase is immature, and the maintenance rate is low. If you want to remove the lead-acid battery, it is still unlikely.

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