Why can't lithium batteries completely replace lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Why can't lithium batteries for electric vehicles completely replace lead-acid batteries? In recent years, with the continuous increase in environmental protection and control efforts and the development of new energy electric vehicles in the world, the market for electric vehicles equipped with lithium batteries has developed rapidly and rapidly.

Why can't lithium batteries completely replace lead-acid batteries?

1. Lithium battery is not safe

If the lithium-ion battery of a battery car is used or hit by a hard object, if the buyer accidentally hits the car and other cars, it is very An explosion may occur. If lead-acid batteries are replaced in all directions, the possibility of safety accidents will greatly increase.

2. The life of lithium battery is short

The life of a lithium-ion battery vehicle generally refers to the life of the circulatory system, and the service life of this circulatory system and the service life of the car are indispensable Optional. The life-threatening factors include lithium ion charging rate and battery charging rate. Lithium ion has no lead-acid battery life due to its unstable characteristics.

3. Difficulty in maintenance

Although lithium ion has the characteristics of long durability, long life, and high battery power, it is popular in the sales market. But today's technology does not ensure that battery charging will not cause common failures during application. Once it is not good and repair is extremely difficult, it can only be given to the manufacturer as a choice, travel time, it is beyond the tolerance of most customers.

4. Lead-acid batteries have good performance

Lead-acid batteries have a long history and are more stable and acceptable than lithium-ion batteries.

5. Low cost of lead-acid batteries

In fact, lead-acid batteries are the cheapest rechargeable batteries. The price of lithium batteries is three times that of them, and it can be even higher. The price of buying lead-acid batteries is mainly because the lead composition is 60%, so the surplus rate is higher.

6. High recognition of lead-acid batteries

In view of the development trend of battery vehicles, lead-acid batteries have always The most recognition. Although the development trend of lithium ion has been very fast in recent years and its characteristics have been greatly improved, most customers are still skeptical of lithium ion and dare not try it casually.

In recent years, lead-acid batteries are unlikely to be replaced by battery car lithium batteries, but with the continuous improvement of lithium battery technology, the continuous development of production scale and the continuous reduction of costs, there will always be a replacement The battery, in the end, pursues perfect environmental protection, lightweight and always pursues perfect theme style.

What are the hazards of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries for batteries?

1. The company has just begun to make full use of battery cars powered by lithium-ion batteries. Although there are such difficulties in marketing and promotion, from the perspective of the promotion of big brand enterprises, it is inevitable to replace the good actual effect.

2. All auto parts companies jointly dealt with the problems of the electronic control system in the installation of lithium-ion technology, eliminating safety, mileage, and technical shortcomings.

3. In order to reduce manufacturing costs, lithium-ion companies have developed power lithium-ion batteries that are more cost-effective and cost-effective than lead-acid batteries.

4. The state should announce the current policies to curb lithium lead and provide policy support for the production, sales and consumption of lithium electric vehicles, such as taxes, subsidies, and simplified approval flow charts.

5. Impose a certain income tax on the use of lead-acid batteries, or levy a fee on environmental pollution, and subsidize the use of lithium electric vehicle companies for this.

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