Why are electric vehicle batteries not completely replaced by lithium batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

It is not only that the batteries (lead-acid batteries) of electric vehicles have not been completely replaced by lithium batteries, but traditional cars and motorcycles are basically still using lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, which seem to be compatible with new energy vehicles. It is as difficult to replace traditional diesel locomotives. It is reasonable to say that lithium batteries have been developed for so many years and have reached a certain stage of maturity. However, consumers seem to be uncomfortable. There is a reason. The core issues are nothing but cost performance, reliability, safety and Convenience.

Why is the electric vehicle battery not completely replaced by lithium batteries?

What is the biggest advantage of lithium batteries compared with lead acid, that is, the energy density is high. The energy density of lithium batteries can be three to five times higher than that of lead acid. Therefore, under the same capacity, lithium batteries can be compared with lead Acid batteries are three to five times lighter and only 70% of the volume of lead-acid batteries, but this advantage depends on where it is used.

Battery is just a power source used in a mobile place. From this perspective, there is no essential difference between car batteries and mobile phone batteries, but now all mobile phones have used lithium batteries. Imagine if Putting a lead-acid battery in your mobile phone, how do you feel? The rate of turning around is even higher than that of the early elder brothers, but you have to have Zhang Fei's muscle arms and a whole big sack to store it. Therefore, lithium batteries are suitable for use in these very light-demanding occasions. This is a rigid requirement, but there is no such strong demand in vehicle-mounted occasions.

Although the car also pays attention to the ratio of space volume and energy density, it has not reached the point of requiring people to do physical operations, because the energy density of lithium batteries is three to five times higher than that of lead-acid batteries. It has not been fully utilized. Although the battery is heavy, it is not very heavy compared to the body. After all, the car runs on wheels and does not require people to lift it. It is not comparable to the strong demand of people holding a mobile phone and using it.

For the same capacity, the surface price of a lithium battery is about three times that of a lithium battery. Although the service life of a lithium battery is theoretically three times higher than that of a lead-acid battery, it seems to cancel each other out. It’s just that the initial investment will cost more. Actually, an important factor has not been considered. The lithium battery is currently broken and there is basically no recycling channel. Even if there is one, you can’t sell it for a lot of money, and even if you use a bad lead-acid battery It can be recycled at the price of 1.8 yuan/Ah. At least 30% of the price of the new battery can be recovered. Just imagine, the manufacturing industry does not have such a high profit now. I can make so much by selling a scrap. , Why should I use lithium batteries.

Although lead-acid batteries can generally only be used for about one and a half years, but after you use lithium batteries for two years, they will not decay the same. I replaced them with new lead-acid batteries. The battery can be rejuvenated again, and the lithium battery you ride is still old. In contrast, the lead-acid battery is a good deal, at least for ordinary people commuting.

The same size, lithium battery can run farther, but at the same time as the mileage increases, the cost increases, and the effect is not very obvious for ordinary people to commute or buy food. Now you can find charging plugs everywhere in the city. Charging at home for one night is generally enough. If you want to use it temporarily, you can also use it at your work or friend’s house. After all, it is used for transportation nearby. If you are a little further away, you can take a car. Or four rounds. The battery car itself is a product of the ban on motorcycles. If you pay attention to mileage, it is far inferior to motorcycles.

Of course, for the group of food delivery and express delivery, it is to make money in a hurry and mileage. They will give priority to lithium batteries. After all, it is a tool for making a living, and the mileage is longer. They can make a little more money.

Lead-acid batteries have no management system. If they are broken, they can be replaced directly. Simple is power. Lithium batteries are too delicate, so you must protect the boards. At present, there seems to be no uniform standard on the market. Generally, you can only find the manufacturer if it is broken. Just imagine that buying a small electric car is not just to bring it to yourself. Convenience, you can find accessories anywhere, if it is broken, you have to mail it back for the manufacturer to deal with, really few people are willing to wait.

Mobile phones often explode during charging, and there are also many problems during use. However, the battery capacity of mobile phones is low after all, and there is no suitable one for the time being, so I can only use it. Lithium batteries are different in cars. The energy density of lithium batteries is too high and the capacity is large. Once something goes wrong, it will explode really badly. It is also very dangerous to catch fire when charging. Few people are willing to use it with a 'small bomb'. Lead-acid batteries basically eliminate this possibility, which is also an important reason why lead-acid batteries can last for a long time.

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