Which type of battery should be used for UPS power supply system?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

In the UPS power supply system, it can be said that the battery is the support of the system software. The only UPS without storage battery is called a voltage stabilizer and frequency-stabilized switching power supply. UPS can often maintain a continuous power supply system, that is, because of the battery. When designing the UPS, the first consideration should be given to which types and specifications of batteries to choose, that is, the battery's rated current, rated capacity, and how many batteries should be composed. Which type of battery should be used for UPS power supply system?

(1) Selection of the short-circuit capacity of the battery

Because of the specific applicable volume of the battery and the size of the charge and discharge current, the operating voltage of the system software, and the charge and discharge Factors such as time, operating temperature during battery operation, length of battery storage time, load type and characteristics are closely related. The volume of a battery generally refers to the number of output power (W) output by the battery when it is charged and discharged to a single battery at a 20h charge-discharge rate at 20°C.

(2) Selection of battery index values

Internal resistance: A battery with a small internal resistance should be selected so that it can be continuously charged and discharged with a large amount of current. If the internal resistance is large, the power will increase during the whole process of charging the battery, causing the battery to heat up.

Floating charge working voltage: At the same temperature, the higher floating charge working voltage means that the storage kinetic energy is large, and the floating charge working voltage value of the poor quality battery is generally small. The floating charge operating voltage value of the battery needs to be adjusted when the temperature is different.

In large, medium and small (several kVA-several thousands of kVA) UPSs, select 2V single-series product batteries to prevent the use of small-volume batteries for hybrid connection.

As a backup battery, the battery is usually in a floating charge condition, and at this time, there is still complicated magnetic fluid power generation inside the battery. Most of the electromagnetic energy commonly used in the whole process of floating charge is transformed into energy. Therefore, it is stipulated that the natural environment where the battery is located must have excellent natural ventilation heat pipe heat dissipation capacity or air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

With the rapid development of high-tech, the characteristics of UPS are very good, the average value is no problem, the time is getting longer, and the credibility of the entire device is getting higher and higher. It is more and more important to do a good job in the application and maintenance of batteries in UPS.

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