Which energy storage technology will be strong in the next ten years?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-27
Energy cost and energy storage demand    The cost of new energy includes the cost of power generation, storage, and transmission. After a unified calculation, it can be compared with traditional energy. In developed countries, in addition to new energy power generation, the Ru0026D and configuration of energy storage equipment and facilities are also important and huge markets.   The peak periods of new energy supply and demand often do not match. For example, solar energy is in strong supply during the day, but demand may not be synchronized. Therefore, new energy power plants need to be equipped with powerful energy storage systems. Analyzing only the part of power generation in the field of new energy will result in a big misunderstanding.  The status quo in the field of energy storage  From a global perspective, there are more than a dozen kinds of more competitive energy storage technologies. For at least the next ten years, lithium batteries will still be the dominant technology for energy storage, and more than 80% of the global market belongs to lithium batteries. Due to the huge market and the different limitations of superimposing different application scenarios, there are still many other energy storage researches besides lithium batteries. Relatively mature technologies include pumped water energy storage, compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, and liquid battery energy storage. Compressed air energy storage technology (Compressed air energy storage)    Haiyin Capital invested in compressed air energy storage technology in the United States, which has very little environmental requirements and impact. The foreign lithium battery industry is relatively concentrated, and the economic benefits are relatively obvious.   Recently, Tesla announced the construction of a super battery factory in the desert of Nevada, and at the same time introduced battery wall technology, plans to provide a complete family of new energy solutions. In the end, Tesla itself may be a battery wall, forming a 'huge' household energy storage system. The battery pack used by Tesla Motors    the new trend of the global energy industry is to open up all the production, storage and utilization of energy. In addition to households, small and medium power plants and factories also have huge energy storage needs.  China's status quo and opportunities  In the past few years, due to government support, China's solar energy development has been significantly better than the rest of the world. The deployment of solar power plants in China is fast, but energy storage technology is relatively backward. In the next few years, as the construction of solar power plants gradually reaches a peak, the energy storage market will have huge potential.   Although China is a big country in battery production, lithium batteries are not strong, production is scattered, and the cost is relatively high. China's development in the field of smart grids is dominated by large state-owned power grids. Although the prospects are good, it is difficult for the private sector to participate deeply.
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