Which batteries can be regarded as deep cycle batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Due to the advantages of its own structure, the maintenance-free battery consumes very little electrolyte and basically does not need to be supplemented with distilled water during its service life.

It also has the characteristics of earthquake resistance, high temperature resistance, small size, and low self-discharge ability. The service life is generally twice that of ordinary batteries. There are also two types of maintenance-free batteries on the sales market: the first one is that the electrolyte is added at the time of purchase without maintenance (addition of replenishment); the other is that the electrolyte has been added to the battery itself when it leaves the factory. And sealed, lead-acid battery repair fluid users can not add refill at all.

The relative density of electrolyte has a great hazard to the volume and service life of the battery. Generally, the higher the relative density, the higher the battery charge and the lower the refrigeration point. In the cold winter Not easy to freeze clean. If the relative density of the electrolyte solution is very low, the battery will be released. At this time, the battery is in an area with severe cold risk. The whole process of battery work is the conversion of lead to acid. In the case of static data, the positively charged lead ionizes and floats on the board due to the effects of lead dioxide and hydrochloric acid.

On the negative plate, pure lead ionization is lead ionization and electronic devices. Two electronic devices are left on the negative plate, so the negative plate has a similar negative potential.

Lead-acid batteries have a variety of methods such as 2V series product batteries, 4V series product batteries, 6V series product batteries, 12V series product batteries, 24V series product batteries, depending on different working voltages. For example, car batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric vehicle batteries, solar power batteries, etc.

With the continuous development of the use of lead-acid batteries and the emergence of deep-cycle batteries, which batteries can be regarded as deep-cycle batteries? In the whole production process of deep-cycle batteries, it is quite different from general lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery repair fluid manufacturers have different processing techniques to maintain. In terms of battery performance, this type of battery is suitable for deep charge and discharge, that is, 100%. After deep charging and discharging, the battery restores its pre-charge and discharge capacity according to the charge.

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