Which batteries are commonly used in solar photovoltaic power plants

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-08

   At present, there is little demand for lightning capacitor batteries for photovoltaic power generation systems in the battery sales market, and the development and production of batteries that are more suitable for energy storage have not resulted in sufficient structures. The following describes only a few types of products suitable for storage batteries in photovoltaic power plants.

   Lead-acid batteries for photovoltaic energy storage: In order to meet the requirements of battery photovoltaic power plants, China has carried out the development of lead-acid batteries for photovoltaic energy storage and has made progress. There are no technical standards and testing standards for lead-acid batteries for photovoltaic power generation and storage in China. Some manufacturers have worked hard to develop and trial-produce special energy storage lead-acid batteries, but the technology is not mature enough and the varieties are few. Therefore, the current use of energy storage lead-acid batteries that are fully suitable for photovoltaic power generation is still subject to certain restrictions.

  Through shaping lead-acid batteries:

   The advantages of fixed lead-acid batteries are: large capacity, low unit capacity, long service life, Can restore mild sulfation. Compared with the starter battery, the performance of the stationary battery is closer to the requirements of the photovoltaic system. At present, most photovoltaic power plants with higher power use fixed (open) lead-acid batteries. The main disadvantages of open lead-acid batteries are: maintenance is required, steam water is often added in dry climate areas, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte is frequently checked and adjusted. In addition, when an open battery is transported with liquid, there is a danger of electrolyte leakage. Sealed lead-acid batteries: In recent years, China has developed battery sealing and maintenance-free technologies and launched a production line of sealed lead-acid batteries. Therefore, sealed lead-acid batteries are also selected in the photovoltaic power generation system. Compared with open lead-acid batteries, the main advantage of sealed lead-acid batteries is that they do not require special maintenance. Even if electrolyte is injected, it will not overflow, hydrogen and acid mist will not be discharged into the air, and the safety performance is good. The disadvantage is that it is sensitive to overcharge, so the performance of the overcharge protector is very high. When the battery is repeatedly overcharged, the electrode plates are easily deformed, and the price is higher than that of ordinary open-type lead batteries. In recent years, domestic low-power photovoltaic power supplies have adopted sealed lead-acid batteries, and photovoltaic power stations above 10kW have begun to use sealed lead-acid batteries. With the continuous improvement of process technology and the reduction of production costs, the application of sealed lead-acid batteries in the field of photovoltaic power generation will continue to expand.

  Alkaline battery: At present, alkaline batteries are usually used for laying batteries and iron batteries.

   Compared with lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries have the main advantages of overcharge and overdischarge, as well as the impact of repeated deep discharge on battery life. Under high load and high temperature conditions, the efficiency is still high, maintenance is convenient, and the cycle life is long. The disadvantage is that the internal resistance is large, the electromotive force is small, the output voltage is low, and the price is high (about 2-3 times that of lead-acid batteries). Contact: 18038382979


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