When the battery is exhausted, what method is used to start the car?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

How to judge that the battery needs to be charged so that the battery will not lose power. Do not distinguish the working attitude of the battery by the color of the car light or the sound of the speaker. If the battery has entered this situation until the color of the light is dark, the vehicle is undoubtedly hemiplegic and cannot be started. In order to ensure that all batteries are working properly and the vehicle is not allowed to hemiplegia, the owner should use the battery every 30 minutes and start the generator to charge the battery once.

When the battery is exhausted, what method should be used to start the car? Maintenance personnel strongly recommend three methods: starting from the trolley, starting from the traction, and starting from the steel. The first two methods are suitable for manual blocks. She said that the start of a tram is the most reasonable emergency start. Everyone knows it is the best, but it is a necessity and cannot be used frequently because it causes some damage to the diesel engine. The starting method and basic principle of the traction belt are different from the starting method of the tram. The start of the rebar overlap is the start method of connecting with another bottle of steel.

Maintaining the battery is necessary

The staff said that the maintenance of the car is also very important to the maintenance of the battery. If you develop bad application habits, It will reduce the use of the battery or cause damage. Ordinary batteries can be used for 2-3 years. But if the application is not scientific, March to April will be replaced.

Currently, there are more and more motors on cars, so when buyers use motors, it is best not to overload the bottle. Take power windows and panoramic sunroofs as examples. Procurement personnel should lift and close before the ceasefire. If the fire ceases, power generation will be stopped. The lights are the same. If you want to prevent a fire and there is no unique need to turn off the car lights, then stop the fire. If you start the car at night, you should also start before the driving lights to avoid damage to the battery as much as possible. If the diesel engine is not working on the battery, it is necessary to avoid the battery without electricity, because if the battery is easily damaged. Now that we have the technical ability to repair damaged batteries, the single-pulse battery charging technology will be battery electrolyte and can be used again. But if the power source is not too serious, the battery will be submitted in advance.

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