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by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
When photovoltaics were in full swing in China, we knew that the existence and development of photovoltaics has been recognized and accepted by people. Even ordinary households have already appeared in photovoltaics. People who installed photovoltaics have reversed every month. The situation where electricity bills must be paid to the State Power Company. You can generate electricity for your own use, and you can also be a 'little businessman' who sells electricity legally. Life has gradually become better, but what kind of sparks can be created when photovoltaics meet energy storage? The working principle of energy storage is simple. In other words, energy storage is the storage of energy. The excess energy is preserved when it is not needed, so that it is not wasted. This is the basic definition of energy storage. But what does energy storage have to do with photovoltaics? Do you need the existence of energy storage? The above two pictures are the basic working principle diagrams of energy storage. We all know that the working principle of photovoltaics is to generate electricity during the day and not to generate electricity at night, and the phenomenon of abandonment of light is also more serious now. Regarding whether the wasted electric energy can be stored and used when needed, this is still a major new energy source. The direction the industry is striving for, in this view, energy storage is a solution to the bottleneck of photovoltaic or other new wind power development. Photovoltaic plus energy storage will definitely play the role of photovoltaic to the fullest! Photovoltaic + energy storage is a wonderful photovoltaic It has slowly penetrated into people’s lives. Photovoltaic roofs, photovoltaic roads, photovoltaic trees, etc. are all large objects. In the future, photovoltaic schoolbags, photovoltaic robots, and photovoltaic umbrellas are often used by people. Then let’s look at the emergence of energy storage. What is the effect on photovoltaics? Energy storage is more suitable for home photovoltaics. Although the emergence of photovoltaics has no harm to people, the only downside is that people’s demand is always on the rise. It generates electricity during the day, while people use it during the day. At work, the peak period of electricity consumption is at night. However, at night, photovoltaics do not generate electricity. For this reason, there are certain restrictions on people's choice of photovoltaic grid-connected mode. With the continuous decline in the cost of photovoltaic station construction and the same benefits, photovoltaics have been deeply loved by people (you can view the data on the installed capacity of household photovoltaics in 2017). Coupled with the arrival of energy storage, the 'abandonment limit' has been changed. The status quo of 'electricity' is to generate electricity during the day and use it at night. The excess electricity can be stored and sold to the country. How much electricity is generated belongs to oneself, and how to deal with the electricity is also determined by oneself. Electricity will only increase without decreasing without wasting. It is simply the icing on the cake for photovoltaics. Thinking about the future life will be very good. At this time, what reason do you have to not install photovoltaics? The 'photovoltaic + energy storage' red car photovoltaic technology has been used in In all kinds of things, no, even bicycles are using photovoltaic technology, and it also combines photovoltaics with energy storage, making it more convenient to use in kind! Every little red car has a little more playfulness in the wheel design. Pattern. In the design of the taillights, an active LED lighting design is added. Of course, the most 'eye-catching' is the battery treasure between the frame. The small red car equipped with a battery pack can easily ride for 10 kilometers. In fact, it is far more than 10 kilometers. If a battery pack runs out, you can rent another one at the next public bicycle service point and continue cycling happily. Energy storage is the future direction of photovoltaics. On October 11, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Energy Administration jointly issued the 'Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of my country's Energy Storage Technology and Industry.' As the first guiding policy for China's energy storage industry, the 'Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of my country's Energy Storage Technology and Industry' aims at the current lack of policy support, insufficient research and development demonstration, and technical standards in the development of my country's energy storage technology and industry. Insufficiency, inadequate overall planning and other issues, clarify the important application value of energy storage in smart grids, energy systems with a high proportion of renewable energy, and energy Internet, and put forward the development goals and key tasks of China's energy storage technology and industry in the next 10 years. The formulation of this policy is a milestone in the development of China's energy storage industry. It clarifies the strategic positioning of energy storage in my country's deepening of the energy revolution and the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, which will greatly inspire practitioners in the energy storage industry. , Promote the healthy development of China's energy storage industry. As my country’s national economic and social development enters the '13th Five-Year Plan' stage, the energy sector has also entered a period of accelerating energy storage that promotes the energy revolution. The application value of intelligent energy management and utilization, and promotion of energy technology innovation is highlighted. The government and society are paying more and more attention to the energy storage industry, the positioning is gradually clear, and rapid development has become an inevitable trend in the future. Nowadays, energy storage technology is the direction everyone is working together, and subsidies for energy storage batteries have been introduced. Because of the emergence of energy storage subsidies, some experts predict the explosion of energy storage or in 2019, regardless of whether energy storage will be in The outbreak in 2019 is certain: energy storage must be the future development direction, and the maximum use of photovoltaic energy will be realized by then, so that clean energy will shine!
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