What to do if the colloidal battery swells

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

   Colloid lead-acid battery is an improvement of ordinary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. It replaces sulfuric acid electrolyte with colloidal electrolyte, which is better than ordinary batteries in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life. , And then many people will find swelling phenomenon in the process of using this kind of battery, so how does this phenomenon happen? The phenomenon that causes the shell expansion of the colloidal lead-acid battery is usually solved by our technicians:

   The first step: cancel the continuous current equalization function of the switching power supply to avoid overcharging. The battery is swollen.

   Step 2: Connect the temperature sensor of the switching power supply to the battery cabinet, so that the floating charge voltage of the switching power supply can be adjusted with the ambient temperature.

   The third step: Add over-temperature protection. When the temperature reaches 40℃, the system will automatically switch to floating charge operation to avoid battery swelling caused by continuous high-current charging.

   The fourth step: In order to prevent the battery from overcharging and shorten the equalization protection time, change the equalization protection time from 18 hours to 10 hours (the equalization protection time setting is In order to prevent battery thermal runaway, when the equalizing charge current cannot fall to the set equalizing floating charge conversion current value, the system will be forced to float charge within the specified time)

   Step 5: Lengthen the timing equalization time to avoid over-frequency high-current equalization. Change the timing equalization time from the set value of 100 days to 180 days.

   Finally, the equalization time is too long: In order to avoid battery swelling and swelling caused by overcharge, we can reset the equalization and float charge conversion conditions and change the original set current value 10mA/Ah as the equalizing charge conversion condition is changed to when the current value drops to 20mA/Ah, the system will automatically switch to floating charge operation.

   We use this method to modify the battery charging parameters. The main purpose is to avoid overcharging the gel battery by the switching power supply when the battery is fully charged. Good protection of the battery pack, avoiding the expansion of the colloidal lead-acid battery, and also to prevent the poor exhaust caused by the quality problem of the safety valve, so the daily inspection should pay attention to the inspection of the safety valve, and at the same time require the battery manufacturer to further improve The quality inspection and manufacturing process of the safety valve ensure that the safety valve can open and exhaust normally after reaching the opening threshold.

   Under normal circumstances, the gel battery swells in this way. We have solved it in this way. After a period of observation, the gel battery has no more shell swelling, and the operation is in a normal state.< /p>

   Friendly reminder: The temperature in the south of China is higher than that in the north, so many things cannot be set according to the conditions in the north. We should ensure that the battery is sufficient according to the characteristics of the gel battery. In the case of electricity, reasonably set the threshold current value and equalization protection time of equalizing charge to float charge to avoid the problem of swelling of the gel battery shell caused by battery overcharging. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job of over-temperature protection of the battery and strengthen the inspection of the safety valve. If problems are found, they must be rectified in time to improve the efficiency and service life of gel batteries. In this way, the advantages of gel batteries, such as energy saving, reduction of lead and acid pollution, etc., are brought into full play. If you still have something you don’t understand, you can consult us for maintenance and repair of the battery.


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