What should I do if there is green material in the lead-acid battery port? How to deal with it?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-26
Label: Lead-acid battery ports have green substances and there is a big problem with the use environment. In fact, most of its green substances are patina, that is, basic copper carbonate. The main reason is that a small amount of sulfuric acid seeps out due to the loosening of the lead-acid battery port. However, the environment in which it is used is relatively humid. The sulfuric acid chemically reacts with the copper sheet on the port to form copper sulfate. And copper sulfate chemically reacts with carbon dioxide, water and other gases in the air to form patina (many people mistake it for copper oxide, but copper oxide is actually a black substance). If the user finds that the lead-acid battery produces patina, he must promptly check the battery port and use emery cloth or a file to gently remove the foreign body. Regardless of copper oxide or patina, it affects the electrical conductivity of copper, reduces it, increases resistance, and generates heat when a large current passes, which is dangerous.
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