What should I do if one battery in the battery pack is broken?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-28
Label: What should I do if one battery in the battery pack is broken? One of the batteries in the battery pack is broken, and the entire battery pack is no longer usable. If you continue to use it, the entire battery pack may be scrapped. If the entire battery pack is extremely expensive to replace, in fact, we can remove the defective or abnormal battery from the reassembled battery. The recombination of the storage battery can deal with the backward battery as soon as possible alone, so that it can return to normal working state as soon as possible, and will not make the backward battery continue to deteriorate, even to the point of irretrievable. At the same time, it is also conducive to give full play to the role of good batteries. After recombining qualified batteries, they are sometimes used as a set of new batteries. Taking out damaged and unqualified batteries and combining new batteries will help increase the capacity of the entire battery pack to reliably ensure the DC power supply of the substation (distribution). However, it is worth noting that when there is no alternative, the brand must be the same when the new and old batteries are mixed. The voltage is basically the same after full power. So both
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