What problems in the car need to replace the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

What problems with the car need to be replaced?

If you encounter the following conditions, I regret to tell you that your battery is very close to being replaced:

1. The vehicle is more difficult to start than usual.

When there are no other factors, when you suddenly find that it is difficult to start a beautiful car, it will be a sign that the battery will be scrapped. There is also a situation in natural winter, that is to say, it is difficult to start the winter in plain terms. It depends on whether the car is a new car or is already similar to the case of charging a rechargeable battery.

2. When you are at a speed, your car lights become 'candle'

For example, when you are waiting for a green light or parking on the side of the road, you suddenly notice that your car lights are suddenly dimmed. This is because the battery charging output power of the diesel engine is reduced when the speed is on. If the battery is not working at this time, and the power supply system for the power-consuming equipment in the car is also available, then the power supply of the lights outside the car window will be Significantly reduced.

3. The alarm light for common faults of the battery is on.

There is nothing to say about this. The fault indicator will immediately remind you that there is a problem with the battery charging system software. You really have to go to the 4S or repair shop to inspect, disassemble and replace. The battery is one aspect, and there are also problems with the generator set!

4. There is a distinguishing sound when starting.

Because the battery discharge capacity is weakened, the starter runs poorly and the starter squeaks. This kind of thing is especially noticeable at ultra-low temperature. Cold, the specificity of the battery will also decrease, and the situation will improve or subside after the temperature warms up, so many car buyers disagree.

5. Observation port change

Many maintenance-free batteries often have an observation port, and there is a light to indicate whether the battery is working well, green It is good, gray and black batteries must be replaced, but some car buyers also reflect that this light is unreliable, and the green color can’t start the car, so let’s use it as a reference for the time being.

6. The battery packs and leaks.

The key here is to see if the battery has liquid leaks or packs. If such a situation occurs, it should be replaced immediately. Such a situation is not only a problem of battery life, but also a certain safety risk.

7. The left and right working voltage changes before and after starting

The normal working voltage of the battery is around 12V, and after starting, the working voltage will increase to around 13-14V due to the charging of the battery of the generator set. Many cars have the function of working voltage inspection. Concerning about the working voltage before and after starting is a very good way to distinguish the service life of the battery. If the car is less than 12V after starting or less than 13V after starting, you should consider whether the battery is not good. .

Car battery is a consumable product from beginning to end, and it has a life span after all. The application period of rechargeable batteries is generally around 2-3 years. If it comes to the replacement cycle time or when your car shows symptoms, you should immediately go to the auto repair shop to check and replace the battery regularly! Otherwise, one day you can't light the car suddenly, you have to ask for help or wait for rescue.

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